The Democrat Party Is In Shambles

The Democrat Party is in utter shambles. Many now calling for Nancy Pelosi & House leadership to be replaced. They keep losing elections. They have no message. They only want to talk about 'Russia' - and I guess I would, too, if my party was in utter disarray. Big Government Liberals vow to fix problems with more government, more spending & more programs - but they always fail. They should pay politically for the consequences of their broken ideology. Rep Tim Ryan (D-OH) says Democrat brand is toxic outside of DC. Cher & Michael Moore are wanting new leadership. Many Democrats want Pelosi to be replaced. Democrat policies are an unmitigated disaster. Illinois is the latest example. The 'Venezuela of the Midwest.' Fight for control of the Republican & Democrat parties. Fight about healthcare. If GOP doesn't pass Obamacare repeal/replace, Democrats will move us toward single payer when they are in control. Trump in Iowa. Crowd loved it. Trump in his element. Encouraging. Republicans now have some momentum. Will they use it to further their agenda & put an end to the political sideshows?