Democrats Losing the Narrative, the Issues & Maybe a SCOTUS Seat

Had the honor of baptizing one of my children over the weekend. Obamacare 'repeal & replacement' legislation in Senate. Now 6 GOP Senators oppose as legislation is written. Schumer gives GOP 50/50 odds of passing legislation. American University days. Democrats are only 'pro-choice' in 2 areas: abortion & marriage. The healthcare legislation process is not yet over. This legislation needs to be market & consumer focused - not government focused. Will Anthony Kennedy retire from the Supreme Court? If he does, get ready for all-out political war. Democrats will regret forcing nuclear option with Gorsuch. CNN said to be instituting new rules for any Russia story CNN reporters want to produce. Must get clearance from editors. You know this story has officially hit the bottom of the barrel when CNN is worried about losing credibility. What is the Democratic resistance movement resisting? When they resist small government & conservatism, they're resisting liberty.