Another Liberal Loss

Democrats are still losing on many fronts. This, of course, can change - but we can now add the SCOTUS ruling to their list of losses. In a per curiam decision, the high court allows Trump's travel ban to be enacted, with some exceptions. But the spirit of the ban will be in effect. Illustrating why this isn't targeting Muslims, but rather Islamic extremists who believe it is their god-given duty to inflict acts of terror on those who don't share their worldview. The issue is with terrorism and those who encourage & harbor it shouldn't be allowed in the US. SCOTUS to take up full issue in October. Six Muslim nations vs the most populous Muslim nations in the world: Why aren't they the same if the religion itself is targeted? CNN rules on Russian stories cited as the reason 3 employees resign. But one of those isn't Jim 'Very Fake News' Acosta - who confronted Sean Spicer about the 'audio only' rules for his briefing. Where is Jim's creativity? This could be a potential gold mine for their next fake news story. A few more words about CNN, the cycle of fake news and their march towards complete irrelevance. A few brief words on healthcare legislation/process.