CNN: The Most Fake Name In News

Project Veritas releases video of CNN producer calling the Russian narrative "bull***t." CNN admits to reporting these "bs" Russia stories for ratings. CNN defends producer in a statement - citing their commitment to diversity of opinion. What?! Haha! What a complete joke. CNN brings a panel of 'experts' on their shows - and 90% are liberal. No denial. No defense. Doubling down on being a fake news outlet. In a sane world, this would sink CNN. CNN is today's Brian Williams. Seattle $15/hr minimum wage hurting workers. Totally predictable to anyone who understands basic economics. CNN aired an hour-long special called "The Russian Connection" last night. The silly way the hack started with Podesta. Makes me wonder if he's awaiting $10 million from a Nigerian prince. CNN now telling us Democrat AND Republican political organizations are current targets of Russian hacks. Don't be fooled by their sleight of hand: this story has always been about Russia/Trump vs Democrats. CNN boss Zucker says his network is 'more trusted than ever.' Of course it is... Meanwhile, CNN mocks Republicans over delaying healthcare vote. Semi-professional wrestler in Kentucky named 'Progressive Liberal.' Funny stuff.