CNN's Panic & Deceit

CNN is in big trouble. Ratings are down. Project Veritas expose them for reporting on a self-described 'bull***t' story. So they bring in Elmo to provide commentary on refugees. I think they're onto something here, because when I watch their regular anchors & reporters, in my mind I already see a bunch of people with the credibility of a make-believe puppet. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Dangerous to our republic? Network of darkness & corruption. The Left & the Media are out of cards to play. They are accustomed to raising the ante on GOP politicians & watching them fold, but Trump won't do that. He's more than happy to call their bluff & he will not back down. So now they try to change the subject. Make it about the Constitution suddenly. (When has the media & far Left ever cared about that, by the way?) But they're misrepresenting the First Amendment. Freedom of the press doesn't insulate them from criticism - even from the president, who also has freedom of speech. No one is censoring the media; they're just calling them out for their corruption. If Trump is responsible for any violence against journalists, simply by calling media fake news, then who's responsible for the riots in Ferguson? Remember how the media grossly misrepresented the truth & furthered the lie of 'hands up, don't shoot?' That led to the Black Lives Matter movement and rioting in Ferguson & elsewhere. 'Real Fake art' put directly in front of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. City claims it's not political & is a complete coincidence. Yet we're supposed to believe this convoluted 'Trump-Russia collusion' story without any hesitation. So stupid. Man up and just tell us what we all know to be true. Who's trying to shut anyone up here? More speech is good. Let the free marketplace decide whom to believe.