Terrorism - Not Climate Change - Is The Real Threat

Another attack in Europe. London attacked by jihadis who believe they are justified to kill for the advancement of their radical, dangerous ideology. Ironically, the same European leaders who overemphasize the dangers of climate change downplay Islamic terrorism by playing dangerous, politically correct games with national security. A tipping point to an insurgency in Europe? A man mows his yard as a tornado passes by his property. Great analogy of how some (or maybe many) politicians handle the issues of climate change & terrorism. More fake news from CNN? Reza Aslan calls Trump 'a piece of s**t' because he argues for his travel ban in wake of London terror attack. Police told about 1 terror suspect at least twice. See something. Say something. Hear something. Do nothing. Police not releasing names of terrorists until 'operationally possible.' Run. Hide. Tell. Seriously?