Comey Officially Launches the 2018 Democrat Campaign

James Comey kicks off the 2018 Democrat campaign yesterday with his testimony, but it didn't get off to a good start. This is the biggest nothing so-called political scandal I can remember. Complete silliness. What do they want us to think happened? They don't care so long as it stops Trump. Political sideshow that's all about politics. Where is the bipartisan Joe Donnelly? I'm waiting for him to come out & say Trump has been exonerated from colluding with Russia. Senators change when elections get close. Don't forget the Iran Deal. Jihadi Joe. Our show was ranked #1 by The Contemporary Conservative blog. A quick review of what we really learned from James Comey's testimony yesterday. While Trump didn't walk away unscathed, he was exonerated on the main issues of collusion with Russia & obstruction of justice. Trump appointee grilled by Senator Sanders & Senator Van Hollen about his belief that Jesus is the only way to God. When we choose to follow a faith, we naturally exclude the others. If not, what are we really doing by saying we are followers of the faith. And I thought there weren't supposed to be religious tests in government?