Russia, Condoms & Voluntary Taxes

New York Times furthering the Trump Russian narrative with story about Donald Trump Jr meeting with Russian lawyer prior to 2016 election. Donald Trump Jr releases statement explaining what happened. But facts don't really matter when you have a narrative to advance. Trump & Putin meet. Every move scrutinized. More important to see what happens after their meeting. We don't have to worry about Trump bowing, apologizing. Norway's 'voluntary' tax plans raises a whopping $1,325 since June. When Liberals talk about raising taxes, they mean other people's taxes. Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago has a condom giveaway to talk about the dangers of human population growth. "For the sake of the horned lizard, slow down love wizard." You gotta be kidding me. Heaven help the clown who gives my kids one of these. Obamacare repeal & replace. Republicans in Congress don't want to face constituents in August if they haven't fulfilled Obamacare repeal promises. Nancy Pelosi says 217,000 people will die in America over next 10 years if GOP healthcare plan passes.