The State of the Swamp

Around November 15, 2016 - after a week of hosting cry-ins, coloring book parties & protests - Liberals finally recognized that Trump would, in fact, be president in January, 2017. So they immediately began planning how to obstruct him. And impeach him. They are now on a full-fledged witch hunt, having determined he needs impeached - but still searching for the crime. Donald Trump Jr guilty of treason? Come on. This is out-of-control. David Letterman says Trump would get fired from Dairy Queen. What's wrong with working at Dairy Queen? It's certainly better than living on government 'entitlements' without trying to improve your own circumstances. No work is beneath anyone - especially if you just need the income. What's beneath us is thinking something is beneath us. Hillary wants to campaign for Democrats in 2018. I could understand fundraising. But campaigning? I'd like to personally invite her to Indiana to campaign for Joe Donnelly. And even if she's not there literally, she is symbolically because the Democrat Party demands Democrat Senators vote in lock-step with one another. Republicans aren't like that - which is why they're having so much trouble passing healthcare. Of course, they could still use better leadership. The case of baby Charlie Gard. The parents have the money & want to do everything to save their child. Why can't they do that? This is one reason why people fear government taking control of healthcare. Parents should be making the call here - not the government.