Donald Trump Jr Fuels Russian Narrative

Donald Trump Jr meets with Russian attorney with 'ties to the Kremlin.' Attorney arranged meeting under false pretenses that she'd be providing damaging information for Clinton Campaign. Instead, she wanted to discuss some obscure law that hurts Russia. What do we make of this? Is this really collusion? Was it poor judgment at the time - or is it only poor judgment in hindsight? Is this a 'smoking gun?' The media & liberals are fully invested in this story. This story has been rejuvenated with this development - and the media will ride this for quite some time. Conflating the meaning of collusion - and the evidence thereof. Senate agrees to bypass first 2 weeks of August recess. Trying to get more done - or trying to avoid angry constituents for getting nothing done? Will they actually get to work or will they continue playing prevent offense? Time will tell. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I also don't have much faith in the leadership. Hope my concerns are proven to be wrong.