The Left Manipulates People of Character

Why do some let Democrats use their character/morality against them? The Democrat Party is utterly corrupt. It nominates people like Hillary & Bill Clinton for president. It colludes to steal the nomination from Bernie. They empower evil empires by acting with weakness & apologizing. They divide people. Their policies harm people. And while Republicans also have corrupt characters, it's nowhere near the scale of the Democrats. The GOP's main problem is being weak. Playing prevent offense. Why must we weigh these things the same? If we're waiting for a perfect candidate to fight this political civil war, we're never going to win anything. Standing for morality & character doesn't mean you can only support perfection. Who has colluded with Russia - and in particular this Russian Natalia Veselnitskaya? Who's on her payroll? Who's candidate did she really support? Who gave her special admission to the US without a visa? She's popping up everywhere - like a game of Where's Waldo. Something else has upset liberals: Donald Trump was prayed over by Christian leaders in the Oval Office. They'd really flip out if they opened a history book & learned about the role of faith for the Founders and many presidents. Misconceptions of 'separation of church & state.'