Is The GOP Healthcare Bill Good Enough?

Are Republicans close to passing new healthcare bill? Is it better than Obamacare? Is it good enough to truly improve the healthcare market? Free markets, low taxes and minimal government interference in the marketplace are the best solutions. Remember Democrats taunting Republicans for not being able to pass this? They may end up regretting it. Rand Paul cannot support it because he says it's no better than Obamacare. Doesn't change enough of the fundamental problems of Obamacare. Why not simply repeal like they did in 2016? Republican leadership's deficiencies. Prevent offense. Thank you to conservatives in Congress for moving legislation to the right. But is it good enough? Or just the best we can get? Donald Trump Jr's meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya. Russian narrative. Democrat strategy has been to obstruct & delay - and Russia is the perfect cover because it's a convoluted narrative full of innuendo & rumor. And it sounds problematic. At best, the meeting is problematic optically. But there still isn't anything to the Russian collusion story - even if Sen Merkley tells us it's a smoking gun. A review of the primary changes to the health care bill. July 31 we move to a morning show on Freedom 95. Explaining conservative not bitter talk radio.