Political Calculations

Excited to be LIVE during Morning Drive on Freedom 95 starting July 31. Lots of things to discuss today, but we're starting with healthcare. John McCain has a craniotomy to remove a 2" blood clot. Healthcare vote postponed until he recovers & returns to Senate. Rand Paul says GOP should not put fingerprints on anything that resembles Obamacare. Paul says this bill contains most of the taxes & regulations of Obamacare. GOP is content to skip the entire August recess because they do not want to face their constituents & explain why they've done nothing. Remember, we were told Congress would have a 'repeal & replace' bill on Trump's desk on Inauguration Day January 20. Here we are 6 months later, and they haven't delivered. Howard Dean says GOP is morally bankrupt. Phil Donahue says this is the darkest moment in American political history. Some professors want scientists to stop citing straight white men in research in order to fight racism. Makes perfect sense, right? Caitlyn Jenner thinking of running for Senate. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson thinking of running for president. Some people think Trump won just because he was a celebrity - but there was a whole lot more to it than that.