Misguided Priorities

Moving to morning drive on Freedom 95 in 11 days! An analysis of what matters most to our Representatives & Senators: re-election. Lack of desire to do what they campaigned to do. Obamacare replacement. Obamacare repeal. Review of 2015 repeal vote. One senator says repeal will only get 40 votes today - even though 48 current senators voted for repeal a mere 18 months ago. Republicans insist on playing 'prevent offense.' They want to look like they're trying to advance the agenda that got them elected (and re-elected), but they're not moving it at all. Smoke & mirrors. A discussion of what I expect from my congressman & senator. Contrasting that against what we often get. A brief discussion of John McCain's condition. It's ok to take a brief respite from politics to give encouragement & respect to John McCain. While we don't always agree politically, he's a good man. And he's human just like the rest of us. But the Senate & House must get also get to the business it was sent there to do: advance their agenda.