Who's Doing The Undercutting?

Washington Post piece entitled 'Trump's lawyers explore pardons, ways to undercut Russia probe.' This Russian narrative is completely out-of-control. Remember where this story started - back when Democrats were drying their eyes & playing with Play-Doh: Trump & Russia colluded to hack & steal the election from its real winner, Hillary Clinton. People ask, 'Where does the Russian story go from here?' But that's missing the point because where we are with the Russian narrative is exactly where the Democrats & Media want us to be. Of course, they'd love to see impeachment, but the likelihood of that is almost zero historically. But if they can use this as a blunt-force instrument that prevents the president from implementing their agenda, that's the next best thing. Right now, Liberals are trying to run out the clock & hope to win either the House and/or the Senate in 2018. Mueller's investigation is basically admitting now that it's an all-out witch hunt as it is reportedly investigating Trump real estate deals from 9 years ago, his tax returns, and his family - among other things. What does it mean to be conservative, not bitter? I talked as much about this as I could given my time constraints.