Scaramucci, Obamacare & Russia

Blaze of Glory recap from this weekend. A little housekeeping about the show. I'll be out most/all of the rest of the week. Moving to a live morning show next Monday, July 31. Anthony Scaramucci new White House Communications Director. Promises to put an end to leaks. Says he'll give past leakers amnesty, but no leaks will be permitted moving forward. He is a businessman who is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this end. Obamacare repeal/replace still not dead. Democrats dancing on the legislation's grave do so at their own peril. Remember how long Obamacare took? Remember the fierce town hall meetings? The political blowback? The Republican base isn't going to accept non-action on this issue. The Democrats' new slogan is going to change your life. In fact, I'm guessing that once you hear it, you're going to head straight to the courthouse to change your voter affiliation to the Democrat Party. Here's the slogan: "A Better Deal: Better skills. Better jobs. Better wages." This is the best they can do after getting shellacked in elections since (essentially) 2010? This isn't a slogan - it's a thesis. And it's a bad thesis at that. Almost made it an entire episode without talking about Russian collusion narrative. Meeting today between Manafort, Kushner, Trump Jr & GOP Senators. Schumer says it would cataclysmic if Trump fired Mueller or if he pardoned himself. Trump said there is nothing to pardon because the only illegal thing we know that happened is the leaks.