Obamacare & the Power of One Vote

Live on Freedom 95 today. Out last week - and lots happened. Trump tweet about Republicans finding a way to repeal Obamacare - or they're quitters. Another example of Republicans playing prevent offense. The power of one vote is illustrated throughout the history of Obamacare. And that one vote went the Democrats' way every single time. Arlen Specter defection. Ted Kennedy's passing. Scott Brown special election. Budget reconciliation to pass Obamacare. What are the real numbers for Obamacare anyway? The Heritage Foundation found that many of the new 'insured' are simply covered by Medicaid expansion. But how is this good? Many doctors won't take many more Medicaid patients. Some take none at all. Does Trump's style bother you? Or do you chalk it up to an incessant media on attack? Or a combination of both? Democrat IT staffer Imran Awan transferring money to Pakistan. All sorts of red flags. More substance here than Russian collusion narrative. A Conservative healthcare plan doesn't revolve around the government; it trusts the free market.