Trump, Twitter & CNN

North Korea ICBMs can now reportedly reach Alaska. This is completely unacceptable. How did we get here? Compare with Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons - and how President Obama + 41 Democrat Senators empowered them to get closer to getting them. Liberal enablers. Trump's tweets. Morning Joe. CNN tweet. Most retweeted tweet in history? CNN tries to silence Trump on Twitter. Twitter says Trump didn't violate it's policies. CNN tracks down creator of video & releases his identity. Man apologizes profusely. This is how the media wants it to work: you cross them, they find you and destroy you. Man Trump tackles in WWE video is Vince McMahon - husband of Linda McMahon, who is in Trump Administration. Who on earth would consider this an actual threat of violence against journalists or CNN? This, CNN, is another 'bs' story. We're fighting 2 battles in America: political & cultural. My thoughts on this. Can we fight the political battle in an unrestrained fashion without compromising the cultural battle we also must fight & win? Wish I had more time to articulate it - but I'm out of time.