Poor Leadership

Not talking about CNN today. They are a total joke & should not be taken seriously. We were told Obama was going to do great things, like restore the US's reputation in the world, but we're learning his leadership was even worse than we thought. North Korea disaster. Obamacare crumbles. White House warns North Korea we are willing to go to war to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons capable of hitting US. Mark Zuckerberg endorses guaranteed income for Americans. Can Cruz amendment to Obamacare repeal & replace bill get the legislation passed & on Trump's desk? Jason Chaffetz says GOP hasn't gotten anything done legislatively - and he's right. Republicans don't want to face angry constituents during August recess. Will they 'work through' August recess? And is this designed to get things done or is it an attempt to avoid their constituents? Revisiting my thoughts yesterday about the 2 battles conservatives are facing: political & cultural. Balancing these 2 battles & knowing while they may certainly be linked, they are separate. And when we have power in government, we best advance our agenda & restore this great constitutional republic by promoting liberty & free markets.