Free Markets Aren't To Blame

Riots break-out in Hamburg, Germany, before G20 summit. Anti-capitalist rioters blame capitalism for war, climate change & basically every other ill plaguing the world today. Other big story at G20 Summit is Trump's anticipated meeting with Putin. Get ready to see this analyzed like ESPN breaks down NFL game film. But I thought Trump & Putin were buddies? Didn't they meet in the Kremlin to pop some vodka & plan how to steal the election from Hillary? How is this their first meeting? A few words on free market capitalism. What were things like before the American experiment changed the world? Capitalism has fed more people than any other ideology in the world because prosperity is a prerequisite for healthy charity. Free markets unleash the power of creativity in people & the competition of ideas & solutions in the marketplace. This creates solutions to problems & options for individuals to chose what works best for them. Leads us to discussion on Obamacare repeal/replace. McConnell says he may have to work with Democrats to pass healthcare. Bad idea - unless they've suddenly become believers in the free market! Obamacare is broken. We either move towards a free market solution or single payer. Democrats want the latter. We need the former. "People Will Die" parody song by Reason. Well done & actually quite instructive on how big govt lovers prey on emotions.