Ideology vs Personality

Scaramucci is out. Experts are trying to tell us what this means. Candidly, I'm not sure what to make of this yet. But wasn't he brought in for one primary reason?: To find and eradicate the leaker(s). Some think he did that when he helped usher Reince Priebus out. The Left wants to make this about personalities, not ideologies. Their ideology cannot stand against conservatism. Venezuela. This is where big government leads. A discussion of the political spectrum. The role of government. "If men were angels, government wouldn't be necessary." Government should only do what is truly necessary - and no more. It isn't our savior. Bible studies in the White House. Freedom of Religion. Establishment Clause. Separation of Church & State. Professor who taught Beyonce classes tweets his desire to see someone kill Trump. Bernie out there talking single payer. GOP better get healthcare fixed, or the disaster of single payer is in our future. No major hurricanes hit the US since 2005. Yet the Left tells us climate change will make the 2005 season the norm. Listen to archives of the show at