China Pledges Neutrality ... Sorta

Recap of yesterday's show. Listen to Krish Dhanam interview online. China pledges neutrality between US & North Korea. But is there position really one of neutrality? Trump doubles down on "fire & fury" comments. Says maybe they weren't tough enough. John Bolton compares North Korean crisis with Cuban Missile Crisis. Susan Rice says preemptive strike against North Korea is lunacy. No, lunacy is believing evil dictators when they sign papers and make pinky promises. American weakness is provocative. Answers on Quora: What bothers you most about conservative beliefs or mindsets? Stephen A Smith says Miami Dolphins signing Jay Cutler over Colin Kaepernick is the 'epitome of white privilege.' How is that the only reason an NFL team wouldn't sign him? Trump v McConnell. New Senate leadership needed. Results matter.