Tragedy in Charlottesville

White supremacist protests in Charlottesville, VA, turn into riots. James Fields, 20 from Ohio, runs over crowd of counter-protestors. Kills Heather Heyer, 32. The value of human life - and the tragedy of when it's taken by another human being. Fields said to be infatuated with Nazism & Hitler. Let me officially welcome the media to the side of unequivocally condemning violence. I wonder why they acted so quickly & decisively this time: they think it can politically damage Trump. The media scrutinizes Trump's words. Did not specifically mention Nazis or white supremacists. But did he not condemn them? Check out our new t-shirts and save 10% with discount code FREEDOM95. Expires 8/31. North Korea. The real danger is not rhetoric, but the idea that we can keep maniacal dictators from nuclear weapons with a pinky promise & a piece of paper. Hardcore leftists to run for president in 2020: DeBlasio, Warren, Cuomo & Bernie? NY Times acknowledges socialism fails in every way but one: women had better sex under socialism. This is totally stupid.