Morality & Politics

What happened to the Russian narrative? I thought Russia was the single biggest threat to our constitutional republic. But the only new development is that The Nation says DNC/Clinton hack was almost certainly an inside job - aka, not Russian collusion. Why is it accepted & assumed that Nazis are ideologically close to conservatism? National Socialist German Workers Party. Jews were made the scapegoat. Who is the scapegoat today? Totalitarianism requires near monolithic support from media, politicians, citizens & military. Is that the environment today for Trump? Quora. Can someone be politically conservative and still a true Christian? Of course. In fact, conservatism most closely reflects the way God created us to live. Kim Jung-Un imprisoning, torturing, killing religious people. This is what evil looks like. Does the Left really want to have a debate about morality? Eric Holder tweet. Chris Murphy tweet. Conservatives need to engage in the dialogue and not fear the Left or their accusations. Tell the conservative story boldly.