Pot, Meet Kettle

CNN accuses Fox of colluding with a contributor to create fake news about Seth Rich to change Russian collusion narrative. Who creates fake news? This is outrageous because the Russian collusion story has been the fake news story. CNN's projection. What is the real Russian collusion story? I mean this: what are the actual allegations? We hear cliches. We hear hyperbole & hypotheses - but no evidence of anything. Donald Trump Jr's statement about meeting with Russian lawyer. Washington Post's story contradicting that says President Trump dictated Trump's story. James Clapper tells Anderson Cooper how concerned he is with truth? I thought Leftists rejected the notion of truth. I remember in college how they always liked to talk about 'their truth,' but they hated any talk of absolute truth. SMU makes student group move 9/11 display because it was triggering. Al Gore hosted an hour long infomercial to sell movie tickets - under the guise of saving us (and the planet) from ourselves.