The Eclipse Edition

Eclipse edition of Todd Huff Radio. Missouri State Senator apologizes for mistake. The 'mistake' was expressing her hope for Trump's assassination on Facebook. NAACP threatens NFL boycott over Colin Kaepernick. Feel like I'm watching a hostage negotiation going on here: sign him by September 17, or else. No football in the state of Georgia seems like they're overplaying their hand. Charles Barkley's comments on Civil War statues. Barkley says education, violence & economic opportunity are the real issues. Howard Dean says if you vote GOP in 2018, you're ok with a racist in the White House. The media & the Left are telling us Trump is legitimately unfit for office - and more questions need to be asked to expose this truth. In fact, it's so bad that even the late night comedians don't find it funny anymore. Another naval accident. Missing sailors. NASA to stop supervolcano eruption at Yellowstone? I think we're much better taking our chances. Trump to address nation about Afghanistan.