The Post-Eclipse Edition

Trump delivers address regarding Afghanistan. I have one important correction to the speech. Trump commits to win. Will focus on results, not timetable. Will not disclose details & plans to our enemy. Some are calling this the Trump Doctrine: kill terrorists, not engage in nation-building. Reverse campaign pledge. Different decision when you're in the Oval Office. Pakistan on notice. Will not create a void Isis can fill. Antifa. Petition to declare them a terrorist group gaining popularity. NPR interview excusing, in some ways, behavior of Antifa. Excusing violence against property. Antifa doesn't own anything, so they're ok with destroying property. Occupy Wall Street 2.0. Remember the Summer of Resistance? This is what it looks like. Democrat leaders own a portion of the responsibility for this Antifa movement. Democrat leaders have fueled hatred for a long time. They do this to win elections, and now we're reaping the consequences of what they've sown. Conservative, not bitter talk radio doesn't need to do this. Ana Navarro couldn't find any interest in the 'eclipse thing' because of 'President Loco.'