Trump Rallies Supporters in Phoenix

ESPN reassigns announcer because he shares a name with a Confederate Civil War general. We proactively have bleeped his name today just in case we're not allowed to utter it without facing fines and possible prosecution. This is the same group (Disney) that has access to our kids. Just saying. Trump rally in Phoenix. In his element. Attacks media. Fires up audience. Gets into some issues. Covers some of their successes to date. James Clapper's response about Trump's 'fitness.' Don Lemon calls Trump 'unhinged.' What happened to Russia, by the way? The strategy is to paint Trump as a Nazi. If that doesn't work, he's a colluder with Russia. If that doesn't work, he's clinically unfit for office. #WhateverItTakes. Mitch McConnell uncertain if Trump can save presidency. What about if McConnell can save the legislative agenda and get something done. Republicans are more aggravated with Congress than Trump. Wish I had more time. Gotta run.