The Fight Over Legal Immigration

Trump Administration moves on to legal immigration. Wants to cut total number of immigrants & focus on highly skilled workers, not low labor workers. They argue this hurts other Americans needing low skilled jobs. Jim Acosta vs. Stephen Miller. Many economists say cutting immigrant low-labor work force hurts the economy & will drive up prices. Jobs Americans won't do? No legal/ethical job is beneath me if I need the income. American politicians should be ambassadors for capitalism, free markets & liberty. Maybe if we focused on exporting some of these valuable principles, we'd have less of a need to talk about increasing immigration levels. Let's teach the rest of the world about liberty & prosperity. We're not better, we just have a better way. Let's spread it. Podesta's think tank (i.e., propaganda machine) says clear collusion between Trump & Russia. Al Gore's home uses 21 times more energy than average home. His hour-long infomercial on CNN for his movie. Big government wants rules to apply to everyone else, but not themselves.