Sanctuary Cities Crumbling

City of Chicago sues Dept of Justice over it's sanctuary city policy. City stands to lose $3.2 federal grant. Federalism, and why conservatives believe in it. Constitutional, limited government. Answers on Quora. Planned Parenthood & gender identity for young children. Rahm Emanuel says "Chicago is a welcoming city" when defending their sanctuary city status. Well, unless you're Chick-Fil-A, which Rahm wanted to prevent from coming to Chicago. What's so hard about working with the feds on immigration? What's less expensive? Why choose to incarcerate violent offenders yourself - or better yet, release them - when the Feds are willing take care of it. Immigration is an actual federal issue. San Francisco pays illegal alien $190,000. Miami no longer sanctuary city. Baker refuses to make "Make America Great Again" hat cake for 9-year old. Awaiting the lawsuit & the Left to tell us how awful this baker is for refusing to provide service. Professor to let students change their grades? And we wonder why college students are typically liberal. More details in the Campus Reform article about the University of Georgia class.