North Korean Showdown

North Korea threatens Guam. This is the same Guam that Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson thought may capsize because of our military presence on one side of the island. He said he was joking, but ... Trump responds with strong rhetoric. Promises fire & fury - unlike anything the world has ever seen. Many freak out because of this rhetoric. But the real problem is weak, feckless policies we've been subjected to for decades. Clinton's stupid North Korea nuclear deal is just as stupid as Obama's Iran nuclear deal. Pinky promises don't work for brutal dictators & regimes. Does Kim Jung-Un really think he can nuke the US & survive? Does he realize how outgunned he is, or are his generals afraid to tell him the truth? Or does he have the capability to effectively launch an EMP attack? Why do Leftists get so caught up in rhetoric & appearances when what matters is results? Pastor Jeffress says "God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jung-un.