Outrage on the Left

Today was the first day we broadcasted LIVE from our home studio. Everything went well during the live broadcast, but we had a technical issue & the episode did not record for on-demand playback. We are looking into this issue and hope to have it resolved by tomorrow. My apologies for the inconvenience. 

The Left comes unhinged with anti-Trump rhetoric at the Emmy's. Predictable. And who really cares? In what universe does Hollywood hold the moral high ground on anyone? Trump retweets GIF, enrages the Left & media. Encourages violence against women? Clay Travis' belief in 2 things gets him booted from CNN: the First Amendment & boobs. I'm more surprised they found a sports journalist who believes in the First Amendment than I am that they found a guy who likes the female body. Riots in St. Louis. Police shootings. NYT writer worries that kid mowing White House lawn is bad for child labor laws. Constitution Day was yesterday. 37% of Americans cannot name even one right guaranteed by First Amendment. Conservatism requires an understanding of and belief in the Constitution - and that's hard when people barely even know what it is.