The GOP Continues to Break Obamacare Repeal Promises

Obamacare repeal & replace is dead in the Senate ... again. After 7 years of broken campaign promises & multiple campaign victories, GOP doesn't deliver. Waiting for them to tell us they'll repeal Obamacare if they get 60 Republicans in the Senate. They'll forgive me for not believing this. Campaigning vs Legislating. NFL ratings are 11% down in 2017. Roy Moore defeats Big Luther Strange (Trump's choice). Referendum on Trump? Maxine Waters wants to impeach Trump for any reason they can possibly find - up to and including his comments on the NFL & the National Anthem. Good ole Hillary talking about more nonsense. Hillary: "Hopefully [Trump] hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists." Unhinged. Fight in empathy tent at UC Berkeley. Of course there was a fight.