Excrement Hole Countries?


Group of 6 senators meet with Trump over purported immigration agreement. Trump denounces the agreement, asks why we would take immigrants from "s**thole countries." Allegations of racism. Is there any other explanation? Merit-based immigration. UN calls Trump a racist. CNN guest asks who is going to do housekeeping at 5-star resorts or pick or vegetables if we don't allow low-skilled immigrants. Work Americans won't do? Work is good, and no job is beneath anyone. Can somebody tell me why Nancy Pelosi is stealing my material? Five white guys opening a hamburger stand? Come on, Nancy! Americans don't have better DNA, we just have a system the most-closely reflects the way God created us to live as free people. All people, regardless of race, genetics or culture, thrive in a nation that respects individual liberty and free markets. This is why, instead of trying to bring everyone here, we should focus on exporting the ideas that made America - and will make all nations - great. Have a great weekend.