A Lesson in Political Theater


Trump's fake news award show is well done and effective at communicating his point that the media isn't really doing it's real job of speaking truth to power. Instead, it's become the PR firm for the Democrat Party - and a blunt force weapon used to attack him and his political agenda. A lesson for Republicans in political theater. Meanwhile, Jeff Flake speaks to an audience of 2 Senators - that's right TWO - as he compares Trump to Joseph Stalin. Confusing the ideal role of the press with their actual work. The Left often confuses ideals with reality - and that sums up a great deal of what's wrong with their political ideology. Benefits of Trump Tax Reform Plan felt immediately. Media now telling us how much worse it is to get a bonus than an increase in wages. They originally told us no one would get increased wages or bonuses or anything else. Let them tell us how bad bonuses are. Talk about disconnected. Let the Left defend their nonsense at election time.