The Debate Over DACA & The Wall


Immigration debate heats up. Trump says new Senate deal crafted by Senators Durbin, Flake & Graham is DOA. "Cryin' Chuck Schumer" rescinds offer to fund wall. Trump: "No wall, no DACA." Negotiating with Trump. A wall won't work? In what universe? US falls to 8th greatest country. Whatever. The best indicator of being a great country is how many people want to immigrate there. The DACA argument in a nutshell. Whatever the final agreement on DACA, border security is paramount. We must put an end to this problem for good. The highest echelon of the Democrat Party looks at the issue of immigration as a political calculation. Sad. Extinction of men in 4.6 million years? Sounds like a far Leftist's utopian dreams can begin. Democrats gleeful over possibility that Moeller may be interviewing Trump. Some, undoubtedly, think this is the end for Trump & the GOP. Meanwhile, we have this FBI corruption scandal percolating in the background. This is what a scandal looks like. NFL won't run AMVETS #PleaseStand ad during Super Bowl because it politicizes an issue, but they will list Colin Kaepernick as a finalist for one of it's service awards. Contradict much?