The Democrat Narratives Are Unraveling


We've been told Republicans are in trouble in 2018. And midterms are traditionally tough for the party in power. But what's so good about being a Democrat in 2018? Undeniable improvements under Trump. Stock market up. Unemployment down. Consumer confidence outpacing predictions. GDP at/above 3%. Businesses giving bonuses & raises - and making investments in US. Credit tax cuts. Democrats looking like children. Boycotts. Wearing black. Refusing to clap. Mess of SOTU rebuttals. The Left's narratives are crumbling into a heap of trash. Now FISA memo about to be released - as early as today according to a Trump Administration official. This memo has been set-up to be a major bombshell. Schiff protesting quite a bit. Grammatical errors and FBI/Democrat edits constitute "material changes?" Setting up for one heck of a show (and probably a fight) about this FISA memo.