Billy Graham, God-Given Rights & CNN Town Hall Meeting


The great evangelist Billy Graham passed away yesterday. My humbling experience at Graham's 1999 Indianapolis Crusade. Incredible man who took the Gospel around the world. Dr. Graham said, “What causes all of this [evil, suffering, violence, Columbine shooting]?” It’s caused by a three-letter word: S-I-N.” Relevant words today. Sometimes we say "mental illness" when the real problem is evil caused by sin. CNN town hall on guns & school shootings. Scripted questions? Sheriff excoriates NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch for not wanting fewer weapons. Is that really the problem? Some on the Left say, "No one wants to take away your guns." Average, everyday Americans may not want to, but there absolutely are those calling for a complete ban on guns - and they have been for years. Rights are given by God, not by governments.