Who's Undermining The Democratic Process?


CNN Gun/School Shooting Town Hall came unhinged. Dana Loesch called c**t, murderer. Calls to burn her. Couldn't leave venue without her personal security detail. CNN accused by student of scripting question. Ironically, if Trump tweets about this, he's the one who's accused of trying to undermine our democratic process. But who's really doing that? The Founders were unique in history by recognizing our rights came from God, not government. The God-given right to self-defense. Why wouldn't we have the right to protect ourselves from someone abusing their rights? We need to teach truth again. Not every evil act is committed by someone who is mentally ill. Many are committed because people choose evil. Or as Billy Graham said, we sin. Nancy Pelosi thinks the border wall will be ineffective, but also thinks mowing grass along the border will help reduce illegal immigration.