A New Memo, Amazing Leadership, A Dictator's Speech And A Tolerant Tweet


Democrats release their memo, which supposedly completely rebuts Republican memo. I love these memos. How is it any different to communicate your talking points by memo versus press conference? Christopher Steele is a "trusted source?" Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel refuses to resign in spite of a litany of failures to recognize numerous warning signs of Nikolas Cruz. Says he's provided "amazing leadership." This school shooting illustrates numerous failures of government. What does it really mean to "arm our teachers?" Why shouldn't legal conceal carry permit holders be able to exercise their God-given Second Amendment right? MSNBC compares Trump's CPAC speech to Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad speeches. Total misrepresentation. Dictators don't take actions to limit government, reduce bureaucracy, cut taxes, empower people. Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca tweets that Billy Graham should "have fun in hell, b***h." The ever-so-tolerant far Left at it's finest.