Conservatism Winning - But What Will Happen in 2018?


Donald Trump to run in 2020. Has to be surprising to some since he wasn't supposed to run in 2016, have a chance in winning the GOP nomination or win the White House. And, of course, he won the election because he colluded with Russia and needs to be impeached. The Conservative Heritage Foundation says Trump has enacted 64% of The Heritage Mandate For Leadership plan. More accomplished in first year than Conservative icon Ronald Reagan. Limited Government. Lowering taxes. Personal Liberty. Trump's approval at 50%. Democrats lead in general ballot poll by 16 points - but who knows because it's from CNN. Democrats have flipped 39 legislative seats since Trump was elected. What's going to happen in 2018? 2020? Be a conservative ambassador. Man stops knife attack with his AR-15. I guess they can be used for good, huh?