Did Trump Crash The Market?


Christopher Steele wrote a 2nd dossier? If at first you don't succeed, huh? Cites friends of Clinton using Clinton money to oppose Clinton's political opponent. House Intelligence Committee votes to release Democrat FISA memo. Bring all of this stuff to the full light of day. Two diametrically opposed ideologies fighting for control of America's heart, mind & soul. Conservatism vs Statism/Socialism/Liberalism/BIg Governmentism. Conservatism works. Arrogant Leftists mock "bread crumbs" of average people. The market drop yesterday. Trump to blame? By trying to "level the playing field", Government seeks to insulate people from the consequences of their failures, but this actually prevents people from learning the lessons of their failures. Should Trump talk with Mueller? Will he be called to testify before a grand jury? New Todd Huff Radio coffee mugs!