Our Irresponsible Government


Congress leads us to another short-term government shutdown, but that will end shortly when Trump signs the Caps Deal Congress sent him this morning. Financial irresponsibility is rampant. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. There was another way to fund the military without adding debt, but this doesn't fit the narrative. What would Dave Ramsey tell Congress if they called him about their financial problem. A mock phone call. There are consequences for acting irresponsibly - no matter if it's in your personal life, business, church or government. DACA fix by March 23. Another shutdown possible then. I thought this bill was going to stop the fear of shutdowns? Bermuda boycotts coming? NYPD ignored 1,526 requests from ICE regarding the status of those NYPD already had detained. Politicizing national security. See you February 20.