School Shooting Legislation Takes Shape


Trump holds meeting with legislators to discuss what to do about school shooting/gun violence. Improve background check. Identify those with mental illness. Obama abused definition of mental illness. Genuine concern it can happen again. Raising minimum age someone can be a semi-automatic rifle? Assault weapons ban? "No one wants to take all your guns." Bet me they don't. It may not be something that is proposed in this legislation, but there are many folks - some serving as legislators - who absolutely think that should be the end game. Arming teachers? Why shouldn't an American with a legal permit to carry a lawfully obtained firearm not be able to exercise her God-given Second Amendment right just because she is a teacher? Red flag laws? Take the guns, then give due process? Personal liberty and our God-given rights should not be ignored in this debate. We are always our own first responder if we are attacked by a criminal or our government. And we're also our last line of defense. What's so wrong about empowering up to protect ourselves? Those who are in favor of equality should be in favor of using guns for defense because firearms are the great equalizer.