The Left Wants the Narrative More Than the Seat


Conor Lamb holds a small advantage over Rick Saccone in PA-18 as absentee votes are being counted. Lamb likely the winner, but still not a lock as the winner will prevail by only a few hundred votes. CNN: "The race is a toss-up. But the narrative is a lock." Absolutely right. The narrative is that Republicans should be terrified in the 2018 midterms. And that voters are casting a referendum on Trump. And his ideas. And his Party. Oh - and the news is not good. Republicans should pay attention and learn from this, but this is not time to panic. Democrat agenda wasn't on the ballot in PA-18 as Lamb ran as a Moderate - or even as a Republican. Pro 2nd Amendment. Against Nancy Pelosi leadership. But let's watch what he does in DC. Odds are that he falls in line and supports the radical Leftist agenda. Why support a candidate with next to no chance of winning - clearing way for Leftists to gain more control. Watching last night's results reminded me of what it was like to wait for returns when I won school board election in 2000. Student and teachers to protest today.