Tensions with Russia Build


NCAA tournament upsets and brackets. US accuses Russia of hacking into power grid. We discuss this in relation to the phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Do we really think Putin wanted to help elect Trump, a president who wanted to strengthen the military and Make America Great Again? Do we think Trump or Hillary reminded the Russians more of Reagan and Kennedy? This is pure silliness. Donald Trump, Jr, and his wife Vanessa to file for divorce. USA Today has an unusual way of announcing the divorce. Article in Politico echoing what we've been saying here: Conor Lamb's victory illustrates how Democrats in "Trump Country" can only win if they don't run on the Liberal Democrat platform. Battle for control of Democrat & Republican Parties. I'd love to see more Blue Dog Democrats and their equivalent of the House Freedom Caucus. Liberalism wasn't on the ballot. GOP internet sales tax bill coming together. This is not a good thing for business (particularly small business).