Tariffs And Free Markets


Trump to impose tariffs on imported steel (25%) and aluminum (10%). Tariffs used in US history as means to fund government, but now we rely on incomeFree markets vs protecting the American worker. Do free market principles different between local and international businesses? A trade war to result? Political ramifications of this. Appeal to Reagan Democrats / Blue Dog Democrats, who have essentially been abandoned by the Democrat Party. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf alerts illegal aliens in her city of an imminent ICE operation. Obstruction of justice? In some states, you can't flash your headlights at oncoming traffic to warn them of the presence of a patrol officer. She just alerted an entire city with impunity. Chuck Schumer opposes a Trump judiciary nominee because, wait for it, he's white. Superficial Left is at it again. Who is the Party who gave us 4 old white guys and a Clinton in 2016? This is so stupid. No time to talk about a few other issues I'd like to discuss.