The Narrative Continues to Unravel for the Left


Trump sure has an interesting strategy if he's intent, as the Left has clamored for some time, to start a nuclear war with North Korea. Kim Jung-un open to having talks with Trump. End of nuclear tests and denuclearization on the table. Communism. Peace through strength. The narrative about Trump being dangerous, a menace, mentally ill, etc, is crumbling. Rachel Maddow, please meet my eye line. Couple this with Trump shaking hands with steel workers and getting praise from blue collar union members about the steel/aluminum tariffs, and you can see Democrats have a major problem. The League of Miracles. Joy Behar apologizes for comments about hearing from Jesus being delusional. Political problems for Democrats running for Senate in 2018? DREAMers not happy with Democrats; accusing them of not fixing DACA as they promised. Program is growing. Looking for new advertisers. Interested? Email