Barbara Bush, the Senate & Robot Candidates


Barbara Bush passes away. Strong, witty, humorous & graceful. Stormy Daniels & her attorney release sketch of man who allegedly threatened her. Comparisons to Tom Brady. Somewhere, Robert Mueller is contemplating whether he's going to bring Brady in to testify about Russian collusion. Indiana Senate race. Todd Rokita interview tomorrow. Open invitation to Mike Braun & Luke Messer, too. How Joe Donnelly won in 2012. Blue Dog Democrats still get their marching orders from radical Leftists in positions of Democrat leadership. Chris Cillizza lamenting California's number of senators - and by extension, the Electoral College & Trump's 2016 campaign victory. Robot on the ballot in Tama City, Japan. Some Americans may be ready to elect robots here. Email me with questions you'd like me to ask Todd Rokita during our interview.