A Republican Victory, DACA in the Courts, and Fresno State's Misunderstanding of Free Speech


Republicans hold on to congressional seat in Arizona's 8th District. Trump won district by 21 points in 2016, but Lesko wins seat by only 6 points. Bellwether of 2018 midterms? Federal judge rules Trump cannot end DACA. "Arbitrary and capricious." Bernie Sanders set to guarantee $15/hr jobs (plus health benefits) to anyone who wants one. This may appeal to the emotions of some, but this is not sustainable in any way. A job is worth what a job is worth - not what we simply want it to be worth. Work is good. Socialism is a morally bankrupt ideology - though it's appealing to many because it "cares" so much. Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar will not face any consequences for her utterly inexcusable tweets about death of Barbara Bush. Fresno State cries, "free speech!" Problem is, no one is calling for her to lose her right to free speech. Most people are simply confused why Fresno State doesn't seem to have a code of conduct for their employees.